Adventures in Business?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 3, 2010 by Strangest Angel

So lately I’ve been cash-strapped. Lately being the last year or so.

Working a minimum wage job tends to do that. So I’ve been searching for ways to make more money, among them of course being getting a better paying job. That will be something that is up to people being willing to hire me, which in a Michigan economy, is a very questionable situation.

So in the mean time, I’ve been throwing around the idea of starting my own online business. I’m already proficient with herbs and essential oils, and there are apparently tons of sources on this wonderful interwebs on how to make one’s own lotion, lip gloss, shampoo and pretty much anything else a company like Lush makes, and more.

So I think I might have found something that can work for me. But there are some initial start up costs. And I have to have guinea pigs to test these products on and get feedback. I’ve had some volunteers already, but getting the starting cash will probably be the rub.

Plus there is the publicizing and advertising once I do have some solid products. In general I like the idea of being an entrepreneur. It’s a goal I’ve actually had for a while, considering that down the line, I want to get a business degree and actually open my own coffee shop.

So maybe this will be the practice I need.

But still, I have to admit I feel a bit lost. In this endeavor, as well as generally. I really want to do this, but really getting started will be the hard part. I have this tendency to get all fired up about something and then I just lose steam. The immediate needs and wants of life start to block out what could be a real future. That’s what’s preventing me from getting back into school right now.

I get tired, I get distracted, I get poor, and then I lose track of what I want to do.

Here’s hoping maybe this time I can keep on point.


Nonreligious Extremists

Posted in Religion with tags , , , on April 27, 2010 by Strangest Angel

I honestly find radical atheists to be a strange group.  On the one hand, they support the idea that religion is not something to be forced upon a person and that someone who believes in god/gods/the spaghetti monster should not be able to force them to be subjected to those religious ideals.

I can see that.  I can understand that.

But on the other hand, they also say that not only do you have no right to force them to follow your beliefs, but you also have no right to have those beliefs in the first place.

Case in point, Atheists V National Day of Prayer.

In my opinion, just because someone becomes a public official, that does not mean that they abandon their personal beliefs at the threshold.  In fact, many were elected because of those very same personal beliefs, whether they are based in their faith or not.

The abuse of the separation of Church and State has gotten out of hand.  It was intended not just for the government to be free from religious meddling, but also for all to be able to express their personal beliefs and for religious institutions to be free from government control and mandates.  It’s a two-way street.

The first and most treasured amendment to our Constitution is the right to freedom of expression, and that includes a person’s religious beliefs.  You still have that right, even if you’ve entered public office.  A mayor or governor still has a right to participate in public religious expression.

The prayer day isn’t a government mandate or law that everyone has to observe.  It is a voluntary expression.  It doesn’t even have to be “prayer”.  A moment of silence and contemplation of one’s own effect on everyone else that we share this world with could serve much the same purpose.  Or just don’t participate.  You don’t have to.

It just amazes me that people who want freedom from other people’s beliefs still see fit to shove theirs down everyone else’s throats.

Welcome to the Intarwebs

Posted in Introduction on April 25, 2010 by Strangest Angel

I have to admit, knowing how talkative I am and how I don’t really consider any information “private”, it’s surprising that it took me this long to start up my own blog.

I suppose you could expect from me the talk of usual things.  My life, my job, my friends, my relationship, all of that buggery.

To begin with, I would think that I should start with the most basic of rundowns of “me”.  First of all, I am a geek.  I am a geek for many things.  I love British television, most specifically Doctor Who and Torchwood. I like anime, but I’m not completely obsessed with it, and I usually prefer manga for anything besides the action scenes.  I sing karaoke all the time, I love musical theatre and movies, and I like to read.  Science Fiction and Fantasy are preferred genres, but I’ll give a classic a chance as well.  I love Kurt Vonnegut.

I am in relationship for coming on three years with a guy who is just about as geeky as I am (Boy), and I’m turning twenty-six this year.  I live in Metro Detroit, and love the city and this state (usually).  I work for a coffee shop and a sub place, grinding away for minimum wage as I attempt to make a life for myself on my own (with the help of Boy).

I suppose anything else about me will have to be discovered over time through this lovely medium.

So if any of the above piqued your interest, well, keep reading.  You’ll find I will fill you in as time goes on.